British born Victoria Young Jamieson is based in Bristol. She studied Textiles at Manchester Metropolitan University and now works full time as an Artist.

A self-taught painter, turning to painting after University she places emphasis on colour and colour theory. Victoria has interest on how colour affects the human condition and has experimented using ink and drawing inspiration from her native Cornish peninsular to create work that reflects a moment in time, rather than just a landscape. The spontaneity of ink also allows Victoria to keep each work unique and permits the materials she uses to work together in ways that have not been seen before. Currently living in Bristol, Victoria draws inspiration from colours she knows and has been exposed to. Through travel and experiencing new landscapes Victoria is able to become familiar with the colours that embodies them. The experiences allow for bursts of inspiration and gives her access to new colour pallets, shapes and compositions. 

“I draw a lot of my ideas from images and sketches of seascapes. My work is heavily influenced by the North Cornwall coastline where I grew up.  The changing and magical light, the exposure to natural and vibrant colours, the shapes of the rugged coast, the movement of water and skies change dramatically throughout the seasons creating a constant source of material.”


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