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‘Friends with Beagle’ is an eclectic showcase of artists ranging in various styles, backgrounds and mediums;  featuring five different artists hailing from different countries with one unifying factor, Beagle. Christopher “Beagle” Beaty, the host and curator, is a 26 year old NY native who has been travelling the globe on and off for the last five years and has made many friends and associates along the way. Having had an appreciation for culture and the arts from a young age  Beagle understood the value they bring to society, thus started brainstorming on how to curate an event to showcase various art. In the midst of planning he noticed that some of the very friends he has acquired over the years through travel and meeting people are artists yet to be discovered as the next big thing. In his effort to showcase some of their work, he has organized this week-long pop up gallery providing access to the public to experience the wonderful art from these soon-to-be legends of their craft and purchase pieces if desired.

‘Friends with Beagle’ welcomes you to partake in this experience and explore art and culture.




Christopher Beaty
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Our Artists

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 Through the Desert Lake 2 (40x40cm)

Through the Desert Lake 2 (40x40cm)

 Winter on Watergate 120x95cm

Winter on Watergate 120x95cm


-Victoria Young Jamieson-

British born Victoria Young Jamieson is based in Bristol. She studied Textiles at Manchester Metropolitan University and now works full time as an Artist.

A self-taught painter, turning to painting after University she places emphasis on colour and colour theory. Victoria has interest on how colour affects the human condition and has experimented using ink and drawing inspiration from her native Cornish peninsular to create work that reflects a moment in time, rather than just a landscape. The spontaneity of ink also allows Victoria to keep each work unique and permits the materials she uses to work together in ways that have not been seen before. Currently living in Bristol, Victoria draws inspiration from colours she knows and has been exposed to. Through travel and experiencing new landscapes Victoria is able to become familiar with the colours that embodies them. The experiences allow for bursts of inspiration and gives her access to new colour pallets, shapes and compositions. 

“I draw a lot of my ideas from images and sketches of seascapes. My work is heavily influenced by the North Cornwall coastline where I grew up.  The changing and magical light, the exposure to natural and vibrant colours, the shapes of the rugged coast, the movement of water and skies change dramatically throughout the seasons creating a constant source of material.”



-Duncan Dimanche-

The extremely tall artist and son of french actors Brigitte and Bernard Dimanche, Duncan was born and raised in Paris. Inspired by his dad’s love of film photography he started showing interest in photography at a very young age using his father’s medium format camera.

At the age of 16 he moved to a boarding school in England where he continued experimenting with film and where he quickly realized that capturing a moment and freezing it on a piece of film is pure magic. He then moved to the US where he attended film photography classes and had access to a darkroom for 3 years.

Since then he has traveled to more than 20 countries and has added digital cameras to his arsenal.

“Being a photographer makes you look at people and the world in a different way. You learn to pay attention to details and use the imperfections of the world to their advantage. Putting a smile on someone’s face because he just looked at a photo you took of them is priceless. Making someone want to travel because they saw one of your photos is one of the reasons why I love doing what I do.”

Capturing the natural look and authenticity of a place or its people is what he aims for on an everyday basis.



-Diana Mantis-

Los Angeles-based, self-taught photographer Diana Mantis has been shooting since the age of 13. Inspired by artists like Francesca Woodman and Ralph Eugene Meatyard, she started in borderline surrealist photography and self-portraiture, before switching gears to a more photojournalistic approach. Over the past few years, she has spent her time photographing rodeos in Southern California, as well as shooting musicians throughout the US and the UK. Straying from the glamorous look of fashion and headshot photography that dominates the LA scene, Mantis instead uses a different approach, exploring these environments and creating time capsules as a silent observer, while allowing her subjects to be revealed as they truly are in a more lifelike and relatable way. Her work has been featured in Rolling Stone, Nylon, US Weekly, ROGUE, Golf & Spa, and others.



-Monde Gumede-

Monde is an accidental writer/director from Maryland and South Africa. He spent the bulk of his formative years in preppy boarding schools, infatuated with the idea of corporate law before learning it was nothing like the TV show Suits. Monde began to cut his teeth on the South African film industry, working mostly in the commercial scene and occasionally as a servicing entity to bigger hollywood studio productions. The combination of the newly realized passion for exploring stories/identities and exposure to the scale and limitless capacity of a Hollywood production led to the irresponsible purchase of a one way ticket to Los Angeles, CA. Monde’s medium of choice is narrative film though the collective’s core structure allows for a meeting point of mediums which include music, film, live performance and whatever else he’s delusional enough to try. Lately, Monde lives and breathes in LA where he has co-founded “one.fiction”. One.fiction is proud to be a collective of creatives spanning across the globe, working obsessively to build a place where cool, kind & talented kids can come together to define their own hollywood.