Monde is an accidental writer/director from Maryland and South Africa. He spent the bulk of his formative years in preppy boarding schools, infatuated with the idea of corporate law before learning it was nothing like the TV show Suits. Monde began to cut his teeth on the South African film industry, working mostly in the commercial scene and occasionally as a servicing entity to bigger hollywood studio productions. The combination of the newly realized passion for exploring stories/identities and exposure to the scale and limitless capacity of a Hollywood production led to the irresponsible purchase of a one way ticket to Los Angeles, CA. Monde’s medium of choice is narrative film though the collective’s core structure allows for a meeting point of mediums which include music, film, live performance and whatever else he’s delusional enough to try. Lately, Monde lives and breathes in LA where he has co-founded “one.fiction”. One.fiction is proud to be a collective of creatives spanning across the globe, working obsessively to build a place where cool, kind & talented kids can come together to define their own hollywood.